Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Donation Payments

  1. Every donated tree purchase includes 1 tree sapling and appropriate tree guard (when appropriate). Donated tree(s) will be planted by a third party at the mission site on the advertised planting date.
  2. Every tree purchased through Restorify CIC is donated to the specific mission and is not owned by the donor, it is owned by the landowner.
  3. Donors do not have any visitation rights to their donated tree(s) and must contact the Land Owner via Restorify CIC Website if they wish to request to do so. Land Owners have the right to refuse.
  4. Restorify CIC does not guarantee that every donated tree will live to old age (though many will). Restorify CIC works to establish continuous native tree cover that will be managed as a sustainable resource for future generations. Selected trees may be thinned, coppiced or felled in future years, some trees will blow down in storms, others may be attacked by pests and diseases. Trees drop seed and/or put up new growth from the roots; continuous cover management allows constant regeneration and permanent tree cover in the restored (and restorified :) ) arboreal landscape.
  5. All Carbon Dioxide sequestration rates on the Restorify CIC website are estimates. Carbon sequestration depends on many factors including tree species, soil types, moisture, sunlight, tree age. We provide an estimate only to assist people in estimating their impact.
  6. Restorify CIC is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations and all personal data held by the Restorify CIC is securely stored and processed.